Free Video Flip and Rotate

Flip or rotate the videos or images that you took with your smartphone for free

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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Free Video Flip and Rotate
Free Video Flip and Rotate 2.0.0

Free Video Flip and Rotate is a helpful little phone app that lets you edit videos you shot to change the orientation when you accidentally had your camera on the wrong setting. Though few people still use traditional cameras to capture videos, many people do use their phones to take moving pictures. You can use yours at birthday parties, family reunions and even concerts.

There is nothing worse than looking back at that video later to discover that you had the phone upside down. The only way to watch the video the way you intended is with contorting your body or standing on your head. Thanks to this app, you can now edit the video to make it look just the way you wanted in a few short minutes or less.

Free Video Flip and Rotate is one of the easiest to use apps of its type. When you open it, you'll notice an input file on one side of the screen and an output file on the opposite side. Clicking on the input file brings up a list of files that you can edit and use with the app. Select the right one to load the video and see how it looks.

Underneath the screen that plays this video is a series of buttons that lets you change the orientation and flip the video. There are buttons for completely flipping the video over or for moving it to an angle. You can experiment with all these buttons to see how each one will change the video to decide which one you want to use. Once you click the button, you can preview the video to see if it flipped it properly or if you want to use a different setting.

Once you are ready to save your work, you can click on the output button and change the location of the saved file. This is great because it ensures that you save a copy of the new file as well as a copy of the original. If you decide against saving the file at any point, you can use the stop button on the bottom of the screen to bring the save to a complete stop.

Free Video Flip and Rotate takes only a few minutes to save your files. The biggest issue with this app is that it will only save your videos in an AVI format, which will limit what you watch those videos on later and who you can share the content with after saving a copy. With this app, you can change the finished look of any video that you shot on your mobile device.


  • Comes with settings that are easy to use
  • Changes the orientation of shot videos quickly
  • Rotates videos in several different ways
  • Saves an edited version of the work on your phone


  • Does not let you change any of the established settings
  • Only lets you save in an AVI format

Free Video Flip and Rotate is free video editing software for Windows that gives users the capability to flip and rotate videos in a variety of preset directions, re-save them for convenient viewing.

Pros of Free Video Flip and Rotate

  • Easy to use - A simple mouse click does the video rotation, and users can choose from among seven predefined directional flips and rotations. Video can be rotated 90 degrees clockwise or 90 degrees counterclockwise in vertical or horizontal directions, as well as flipped horizontally or vertically. No matter how the original video was shot, it can be corrected for playback on vertical or horizontal screens.
  • Straightforward window-based interface - The learning curve is low with this software, since it operates via a simple interface with intuitive button placement and easy-to-read instructions available on the software's website. A split-screen layout shows you the original orientation of the video, compared to the orientation after your proposed changes, so it's ultra-simple to make the adjustments you need. Even users unfamiliar with any type of editing software should have no issues navigating Free Video Flip and Rotate.
  • Simple browsing and saving of files - Pulling up a video to edit in this software is, again, easy and intuitive. Users can simply choose the "Open" action from the menu, then browse to the folder on their drive where the video they want to edit is saved. Open the video within the application, make the required changes, and re-save to your desired destination.
  • Playback in any standard media player - Once the video is saved, it can be played back in any media player you desire (provided the player is compatible with the file type of your video, of course). The saved, rotated video file will be universally corrected and will display correctly on any screen.

Cons of Free Video Flip and Rotate

  • Limited available options and adjustments - Free Video Flip and Rotate performs its function well, but if you are looking for it to do anything beyond rotation and re-saving of videos, look elsewhere. The software is strictly designed for rotation and flipping of videos, and does not offer any other type of editing or adjustments. Users may question its usefulness if they own other video-editing software, since most programs have the ability to rotate video along with the ability to make various other adjustments within the same program.
  • Limited compatibility - Free Video Flip and Rotate is only available for download and use with Windows-based PCs, and is not compatible for use with Macs or mobile devices.

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